Ukrzaliznytsia comes on board as a Sustainable Ukraine 2019 participant

07 nov 2019

Ukrzaliznytsia, one of Ukraine’s biggest state-owned companies, has joined Sustainable Ukraine 2019 rating.

“It is no secret that since the corporate governance reform began, Ukrzaliznytsia has followed the lead of top companies such as Deutsche Bahn. Now, we have reached a level where our own sustainable governance practices can be a guiding light for others,” said Rostyslav Kurinko, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Ukrzaliznytsia.

According to Mr Kurinko, the company has learnt to be transparent, socially responsible, and predictable over the past years. “The western investors have recognized our achievements, helping us implement a range of successful large-scale projects. Now it is the time to look at ourselves in the mirror of the rating. I am confident that Sustainable Ukraine 2019 will deservedly appreciate the quality of governance at Ukrzaliznytsia and our contribution to the sustainable development,” he summed up.